Nikkei Chronicles #2 — Nikkei+ ~ Stories of Mixed Language, Traditions, Generations & Race ~

Being Nikkei is inherently a state of mixed traditions and cultures. For many Nikkei communities and families around the world, it is common to use both chopsticks and forks; mix Japanese words with Spanish; or celebrate the New Year’s Eve countdown with champagne and Oshogatsu with ozoni and other Japanese traditions.

This series introduces stories explore how Nikkei around the world perceive and experience being multiracial, multinational, multilingual, and multigenerational.

Each piece submitted to the Nikkei+ anthology was eligible for selection as our readers’ favorites. 

Here are their favorite stories in each language.

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community ja pt




先日、その幼なじみを訪ね、ちょうど帰るときに、ドアを出て後ろを見ると「変わった花」に目が止まりました。くしゃくしゃになった紙のようで、もっと近づくと「あら ...

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community ja pt



父方の祖父母も同様に、100年前にブラジルに移住して来ました。家族は、夫婦と3人の子どもで、船旅の途中で父の妹が生まれ、そのあと、ブラジルで父の弟も生まれました。祖父は、最初はサンパウロ州のファゼンダで働きました ...

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