Nikkei Chronicles #7: Nikkei Roots: Digging into Our Cultural Heritage

What does being Nikkei mean to you? How does your Nikkei identity reveal itself in your day-to-day life? What activities do you engage in to maintain traditions from Japan? How do you stay connected to your roots, whether individually or collectively? When or how you really feel like a Nikkei?

Submit Nikkei Roots stories by September 30, 2018. 

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Album of the Week

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長崎26聖人殉教壁画 - クエルナバカ

『長崎26聖人殉教壁画』-16世紀の豊臣秀吉による長崎でのキリシタン迫害をつづった壁画。 メキシコ、クエルナバカにある大聖堂にあるこの壁画、現在のメキシコにいる日系人とはまったく関わりがないのだが、メキシコ人(当時のニュースペイン)と日本人の最初の交流の一つをつづる貴重なもの。


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Nima of the Month

Linko (Tennessee, United States)

Linda Cooper (Linko) was raised by a Japanese mother and a Southern father in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. Her father was a US Army veteran and her parents met and married in Japan during the aftermath of World War II. Linda is a communications consultant and freelance writer with more than 30 years of experience as a public relations practitioner, US Senate press secretary, and journalist.

Having written articles for Discover Nikkei starting in 2013, her bi-cultural background as a daughter of a war bride raised in the American South gives her a unique perspective to speak about Nikkei and American identities.

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