Nima Voices: Episode 3—Tamiko Nimura

Hear from Discover Nikkei contributor Tamiko Nimura about Japanese American community in Tacoma, WA.  She’ll be interviewed by guest host, Japanese American youth activist Justin Kawaguchi.

Watch live on the Discover Nikkei YouTube channel on March 2 at 5 p.m. (PST)

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Nima-kai Hinamatsuri Traditions

Share your Nikkei Hinamatsuri photos!

March 3rd is celebrated annually in Japan and in Nikkei communities around the world as Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day). Literally translated as “doll festival,” families with young daughters celebrate this event by displaying hina-ningyo, special dolls for the occasion. There are also special foods associated with Hinamatsuri such as hishimochi, chirashi-zushi, and hina-arare.

Discover Nikkei is compiling photos to share our global Nikkei community’s Hinamatsuri traditions. We want to see photos of your family’s special dolls, foods, and other traditional (or non-traditional) decorations and celebrations. Photos can be from past years or to share how you are finding ways to celebrate this year despite the pandemic.

To participate, just email us your photo to (see instructions below)! A selection of the photos will also be presented on the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) website through mid-March.

We recommend you use the slideshow view to check out the photos shared by our Nima-kai community.

Submission Guidelines

Please note we will only accept images related to Hinamatsuri celebrations. All photos must be submitted to by March 12, 2021 to be included in this special project. Multiple submissions are accepted.

In addition to the photo, each submission requires the information below:
  1. Name and location of the person who is submitting the image
  2. A title for the image
  3. A brief description of the image—please tell us what the photo is of and why it is significant to you.
      - Recommended length: approximately 100 words.
      - Accepted Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  4. Photo credit (Please only submit images for which you either own the copyright or have secured permission to use for this purpose) . Note that the copyright for a professionally-taken photograph is typically retained by the photographer unless they have specifically assigned you the copyright.

Image specifications:
   • Acceptable format: .jpg, .gif, or .png files
   • Preferred Size: 150 dpi, at least 1200 pixels wide

If you are not able to resize the image, email us the larger file and we can do it for you. Please note that if the photo is smaller than 450 pixels, we may not be able to use it on our site.

By submitting your photo(s), you are representing that you own the copyright to the photo(s) or otherwise have been granted permission to have the photo(s) shared in this way, and you are granting permission for us to share it on the Discover Nikkei website, JACCC website, and for promotional purposes in conjunction with this project (including JANM, JACCC, and Discover Nikkei’s websites, emails, and social media).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Celebrate Hinamatsuri with us!

If you’ve never celebrated Hinamatsuri, here are two opportunities coming up for those in the Los Angeles area or virtually from anywhere! The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) is presenting a virtual, interactive chirashi-zushi cooking workshop with Azusa Oda on February 27 (sign up here) so you can cook along from wherever you are! The JACCC is offering chirashi-zushi, cha-soba, and origami kits (with instructions on video starting 2/27) for pick-up in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) on February 27 (details here). Participate in the JACCC and JANM’s events and share your photos with us!

Presented in collaboration with the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center and Japanese American National Museum.


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Nima-kai Community

Join the Discover Nikkei global community, where our Nima connect and share! Our Nima-kai community includes people around the world interested in learning about and sharing the Nikkei experience. Meet some of our Nima:

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Nima of the Month

JaneShoharaMatsumoto (California, United States)

Jane Shohara Matsumoto is currently the Culinary Cultural Arts Program Curator at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) in Los Angeles. Her passion is in food—its history, science, and the preparation of many different types of cuisnes, especially Japanese foods. When she is not working, she is buried in food blogs, cookbooks, or simply cooking in her kitchen.

Jane first contributed to Discover Nikkei as part of our Nima-kai Oshogatsu Traditions photo activity, which led to an article about how she and her family adapted their New Year’s traditions due to the pandemic. She enjoyed it so much that she reached out to Discover Nikkei to partner with the JACCC on the Hinamatsuri photo activity. We look forward to sharing more of her stories and photos in the future!

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