Nikkei-go: The Language of Family, Community, and Culture

Arigato, baka, sushi, benjo, and shoyu—how often have you used these words? For Nikkei, the Japanese language symbolizes the culture of one’s ancestors. Japanese words often get mixed in with the language of the adopted country, creating a fluid, hybrid way of communicating.

Submit stories that share your perspectives on and experiences with language by September 30, 2016. 

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Album of the Week

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Ciclo "2da. Vida", Serie TABLAS - Victor Nishio Yasuoka - Lima, Perú

Una serie pequeña y no desarrollada, complementa otras series de 2da. Vida. Los desechos no permitieron que esta serie se desarrollara, quedando sin final y sin entierro ("2da. Vida" sucedió porque todos tenemos acumulaciones indeseadas pero perennes en inmensurables resquicios… interesante frase, que fue el detonante para crear mi propuesta: ...

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Nima-kai Community

Join the Discover Nikkei global community, where our Nima connect and share! Our Nima-kai community includes people around the world interested in learning about and sharing the Nikkei experience. Meet some of our Nima:

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Nima of the Month

mtsukayama (Lima, Peru)

mtsukayama (Milagros Tsukayama Shinzato) is a Peruvian Sansei with an Okinawan background who works as a writer, translator, and designer. Her first contribution to Discover Nikkei was an essay about Okinawan traditions and beliefs that she learned from her grandmother. Submitted as part of Nikkei Chronicles 2: Nikkei+, Shinzato’s story was selected as a Nima favorite. Since then, she has not only shared more stories with us, but has also helped to translate articles into Spanish.

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