Nikkei Chronicles #9 — More Than a Game: Nikkei Sports

We invite you to share stories about Nikkei sports. How are Nikkei sports more than just a game to you? Has a famous Nikkei athlete inspired you or influenced your sense of identity? Submissions accepted until October 31.

*VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE STORIES! The story with the most stars will be translated into all of our site languages.

Community Partner: Terasaki Budokan - A Project of Little Tokyo Service Center

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Album of the Week

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Clara E. Breed Collection

Clara E. Breed was a librarian at the San Diego Library from 1929 until 1945, and she stood for decency and justice. She was a mentor to many young Japanese Americans in the San Diego area, and serves as an inspiration for many today. As the Japanese Americans were being ...

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Nima-kai Community

Join the Discover Nikkei global community, where our Nima connect and share! Our Nima-kai community includes people around the world interested in learning about and sharing the Nikkei experience. Meet some of our Nima:

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Nima of the Month

laurahh (São Paulo, Brazil)

Laura Honda-Hasegawa (laurahh) is a Sansei in São Paulo, Brazil. Her writing shares her and others’ experiences and perspectives of being Nikkei. In her fiction, her stories explore life for dekasegi living in Japan.

She has been contributing her stories in both Portuguese and Japanese on Discover Nikkei since 2011. In addition to writing three original series, she has also written articles for Nikkei Chronicles, Kizuna 2020, and on other topics. Laura also helps us with translations, reviewing and editing Portuguese articles submitted by others, serving as an editorial committee member for past Nikkei Chronicles, led a writing workshop for us, recruited other writers, and more!

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