Nikkei Chronicles #6: Itadakimasu 2! Another Taste of Nikkei Culture

How does the food you eat express your identity? How does food help to connect your community and bring people together? What kinds of recipes have been passed down from generation to generation in your family?

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Parques y Jardines Japoneses en Chile

Contando con la valiosa colaboración de Shogo Takaoka, ex-Presidente de la Sociedad Japonesa de Antofagasta, Ariel Takeda, por sus aportes históricos, Masao Yamada Jr. por las fotos del Jardín Japonés del Santa Lucía y Emi Yonekura por sus fotos del Jardín Japonés de Constitución, vamos a tratar de entregarles una ...

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Nima of the Month

roberto (Lima, Peru)

Roberto Oshiro Teruya is a Sansei Peruvian. He began writing for Discover Nikkei in June, contributing stories to Itadakimasu 2! as well as stories about his family and his identity.

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