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Washoku Competition in Seattle Recognizes Local Cuisine

The North American Post

With cooking competitions becoming widely popular on TV and at community events, Seattle became a center for a Japanese cuisine chefs’ kitchen battle last month. “Washoku World Challenge 2015” hosted a Seattle event on December 11 in Pioneer Square.

Nanka Nikkei Voices

Melodee, Malcom, and Me

Bill Watanabe

I spent my childhood years during the 1950s in the San Fernando Valley.  My parents, like a number of other Nikkei families, were flower growers and we had a farm on which we grew carnations, chrysanthemums, anemones, asters, and other flowers.  During the summers, I spent many hours working under ...

おばあさんの手紙 ~日系人強制収容所での子どもと本~

第二章「集合所」という強制収容所: 1942年春から秋にかけて (5)

Yuri Brockett

第二章(4)を読む >> 



Honouliuli Designated A National Historic Monument

Karleen Chinen

Seventeen years ago, a phone call from a Honolulu television reporter was routed to Jane Kurahara, a retired librarian who was volunteering in the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i’s Resource Center.

My Name is Neal

Journal Entry #1908 ("Fantasmagore"): "Delusion of Life..."

Neal Yamamoto

A weekly visual journal/cartoon about an easily-annoyed fourth generation American of Japanese descent. This week, “Survival Tips I Learned From Bugs Bunny Cartoons!”…



Nikkei Names: Taro, John, Juan, João?

Read the Nikkei Names stories »

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