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Latest Articles

My Name is Neal

Journal Entry #12 Peers and an Alternate: "Courtroom Antics..."

Neal Yamamoto

A weekly visual journal/cartoon about an easily-annoyed fourth generation American of Japanese descent. This week, “Denizens From the Court…”

Encyclopedia of Nikkei Migration

Paraguay - Migration Historical Overview

Akemi Kikumura Yano

The official beginning of Japanese immigration in Paraguay is traced back to 1936, when the first immigrant group arrived as agricultural settlers. The first Japanese agricultural colony of 134 households was established in La Colmena. Many moved to other cities and countries in search of better jobs and opportunities, while ...

Triangle Boys

Earnest Yutaka Masumoto

There was a bowling alley called Triangle Bowling Alley located at Beverly and Atlantic Blvd. in East Los Angeles (East Los) before it burnt down in the ‘80s.

Dr. Joe Takehara and Chicago Aikido

Erik Matsunaga

Dr. Joe Takehara, D.D.S., a second generation Japanese American, has trained with the legends of aikido during his fifty-three years of studying the Japanese martial art. Meanwhile, he was a married father of three and built a successful dental practice from which he retired at the age of ...

Ojos de cazador: Akira Chinen, pintor y dibujante

Enrique Higa SakudaAsociación Peruano Japonesa

Akira Chinen lo mira todo con la avidez del cazador. No existe territorio vedado para su curiosidad de artista. Siempre está atento a lo que ocurre en su entorno, en la calle, en su casa, en el cine, en una exposición. En cualquier parte puede estar el germen de ...



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