Crónicas Nikkei #7: Raíces Nikkei: Indagando en Nuestra Herencia Cultural

¿Qué significa “nikkei” para ti? ¿En qué forma se revela tu identidad nikkei en tu vida diaria? ¿En qué actividades participas para mantener las tradiciones japonesas? Y, lo que es más importante, ¿cómo te mantienes conectado con tus raíces, sea de forma individual o colectiva? ¿Cuándo o cómo te sientes realmente como nikkei?

Envía las historias de “Raíces Nikkei” antes del 30 de septiembre de 2018.


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Zenshuji Soto Mission Obon and Nishi Hongwanji LA Obon - July 8, 2007

On July 8, 2007, I attended both the Zenshuji Soto Mission and the Nishi Hongwanji LA obons in Little Tokyo, California. These two temples host their obons on the same weekend every year, making for a bit of friendly competition. It was my first time at both obons, so I ...

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Comunidad Nima-kai

Únete a la comunidad global nikkei donde nuestro Nima se conecta y comparte! Nuestra comunidad Nima Kai está formada por personas alrededor del mundo que se interesan en aprender cómo compartir la experiencia Nikkei. Encuentra alguno de nuestros Nima:

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Nima del Mes

Art_Hansen (California, United States)

Art Hansen is Professor Emeritus of History and Asian American Studies at California State University, Fullerton, where he retired in 2008 as the director of the Center for Oral and Public History. He has worked with the Japanese American National Museum staff on numerous projects, including Discover Nikkei, and has published many articles and book reviews in various publications.

Art has been contributing articles to our site since 2009 and was previously selected Nima of the Month in May 2013. We asked him a few questions about the importance of Discover Nikkei.

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