Puedes leer sobre las experiencias Nikkei desde diferentes perspectivas. Nuevas historias son colocadas diariamente desde lunes a sábado.

Cliquear las fotos para ver el artículo “La tradición del Mochitsuki en el Grupo Hikari de Londrina – Paraná” por Alba Shioco Hino, Nilza Matiko Iwakura Okano, Kiyomi Nakanishi Yamada. ¡Es la historia favorita de los nima-kai de Crónicas Nikkei #7 — Raíces Nikkei: Indagando en Nuestra Herencia Cultural!

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Naokichi Hashizume Collection (92.18.9)

Color amateur footage documenting life in Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming by Naokichi Hashizume in February 1945. Composed of home movie clips of Japanese Americans engaged in a variety of activities, including people gathering at mess hall, laundry in industrial sinks, sewing and knitting, paper flower making for a wreath, ...

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Comunidad Nima-kai

Únete a la comunidad global nikkei donde nuestro Nima se conecta y comparte! Nuestra comunidad Nima Kai está formada por personas alrededor del mundo que se interesan en aprender cómo compartir la experiencia Nikkei. Encuentra alguno de nuestros Nima:

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Nima del Mes

Linko (Tennessee, United States)

Linda Cooper (Linko) was raised by a Japanese mother and a Southern father in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. Her father was a US Army veteran and her parents met and married in Japan during the aftermath of World War II. Linda is a communications consultant and freelance writer with more than 30 years of experience as a public relations practitioner, US Senate press secretary, and journalist.

Having written articles for Discover Nikkei starting in 2013, her bi-cultural background as a daughter of a war bride raised in the American South gives her a unique perspective to speak about Nikkei and American identities.

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