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mamagaii (Tōkyō, Japan)

Mikiko Hatch-Amagai was born in Tokyo, but studied abroad in Paris, and has lived in Seattle, WA, where she was the Managing Editor for the North American Post from 2001–2005. She returned to Tokyo in 2020 after 44 years in Seattle.

While working for the Post, she interviewed many Seattle Nisei veterans. Her articles were published in both English and Japanese.

What do you like about Discover Nikkei?

Discover Nikkei is a valuable source of media which informs people of the history of the Japanese who emigrated to America. I’m happy to see even a part of Nikkei history in Seattle included in the content. I still remember the words of a veteran who joined the military from the concentration camp during the war. “No-no boys and us, we both fought for our rights as Americans. We fought in different ways. I don’t want you to forget that the freedom you enjoy in your everyday life now is built on our hard work.”

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Q. ディスカバーニッケイの好きなところは何ですか?

ディスカバーニッケイはアメリカに渡った日本人の歴史を知る上で貴重なメディアです。そこに少しでもシアトルの日系人の話を入れていただいて嬉しいです。戦時中に収容所に入れられ、そこから入隊した退役軍人の言葉が忘れられません。「僕たちも、No No ボーイもアメリカ人としての権利のために戦ったんだ。違ったやり方でね。僕たちが頑張ったから君たちが今自由な生活ができるということ、忘れないで欲しいね」。

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