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sergiohernandez (México, Mexico)

Over the past nine years, Sergio Hernández Galindo has conributed many thought-provoking and insightful articles about Japanese emigration to Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. In addition to being an author and researcher who has published numerous articles and books, he is an in-demand professor. Sergio has taught at universities in Italy, Chile, Peru, and Argentina as well as Japan. Recently, he was a fellow for the Japan Foundation, which is affiliated with Yokohama National University.

Sergio was previously selected Nima of the Month in July 2016. His submission for Nikkei Chronicles #5—Nikkei Go: The Language of Family, Community, and Culture was selected as an editorial committee favorite.

Why is it important for you to share stories of Japanese Mexicans on Discover Nikkei?

The Japanese Mexicans stories are not only interesting but very relevant to understand our history as multicultural countries. I hope these stories will help prevent any kind of racism and intolerance against immigrants in our time.

How do you feel about your stories being translated and read all over the world?

The Discover Nikkei platform has allowed me to connect and meet people from Japan, America, and Latin America. I have shared information on immigrants stories. I feel very happy when I receive mails from Mexico and abroad.

What is the most meaningful thing that has happened as a result of your connection to Discover Nikkei?

Some Nikkei people have asked me for information about their own roots that I have been able to obtain in the archives. As a researcher it has been a rewarding experience.

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¿Por qué es importante para usted compartir historias de los japoneses mexicanos en Descubra a los Nikkei?

Las historias en torno a los japoneses-mexicanos no sólo son interesantes sino muy relevantes para entender nuestra historia como países multiculturales. Espero que las mismas contribuyan para evitar cualquier tipo de racismo e intolerancia contra los inmigrantes en nuestro tiempo.

¿Cómo se siente sobre el hecho de que sus historias estén siendo traducidas y leídas en todo el mundo?

La plataforma de Discover Nikkei me ha permitido ponerme en contacto y conocer gente de Japón, Estados Unidos y de Latinoamérica. He compartido información sobre las historias de inmigrantes. Me siento muy contento cuando recibo correos desde México y del extranjero.

¿Cuál ha sido la cosa más significativa que le ha sucedido como resultado de su vínculo con Descubra a los Nikkei?

Algunos personas nikkei me han solicitado información sobre sus propias raíces que yo he podido obtener en los archivos. Como investigador ha sido una experiencia gratificante.

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