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skawa2440kuhio (Japan)

skawa2440kuhio (Seiji Kawasaki) is a professor at Tokyo Gakugei University. His areas of expertise include social studies, multicultural education, and Hawai‘i studies. He has been contributing to Discover Nikkei since July 2014, sharing his experiences with Nikkei in Hawaii through the series “‘Honolulu no mukougawa: Hawaii no Nikkei shakai ni mukaerarete (The Other Side of Honolulu: Welcomed into the Nikkei Community in Hawaii)” (available in Japanese only).

[JA] 「多文化化の著しい日本について学校の授業でどう教えればよいか」について考えるときに,「アメリカで日系人はどう教えられているか」について調べることにした頃,Discover Nikkeiの企画が持ち上がっていました。今なお全米日系人博物館で売られている日本語のブックレット,『日系アメリカ人の歴史 ― アメリカに渡った日系移民の歩み ― Japanese American Historical Overview』を共同で執筆する機会もいただきました。


skawa2440kuhioのストーリーを読む >>

[EN] When I was thinking about how to teach schoolchildren about Japan so rapidly becoming multicultural, I decided to do some research on how Nikkei children are taught in America. It was around the same time that the idea for Discover Nikkei was brought up. I was given a chance to co-write the Japanese-language booklet Japanese American Historical Overview: The Life of Nikkei Immigrants Who Moved to America, which is sold at the Japanese American National Museum to this day.

When I was in middle school, I was greatly inspired by Hidetoshi Kato’s “From the Street Corner in Honolulu,” and kept wishing I could live in Hawaii and write an essay like that. The wish became a reality, and I have lived in Hawaii twice while immersing myself deeply in the local Nikkei community. Discover Nikkei gave me an outlet where I could finally write about my own experiences there. I hope to share more stories about Japanese culture and Nikkei culture as I compare Japanese natives with Nikkei in Hawaii.

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