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albertomatsumoto (Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan)

Alberto has dedicated his life to helping Latin American Nikkei living in Japan through legal translations and counseling. He teaches at Kanagawa University, is a published author, and popular speaker.

Alberto has published over 100 articles on Discover Nikkei since 2007 in Spanish and Japanese, mostly through his ongoing The Nikkei of Latin America and Latino Nikkei series. In addition, he does many translations for our project, served on three Nikkei Chronicles editorial committees, and has served as a consultant and advisor on Latin American Nikkei content and issues. Alberto was interviewed by Discover Nikkei in 2019. He was previously named Nima of the Month in October 2010.

Why is it important for you to share stories about Nikkei in Japan on Discover Nikkei?

Becoming more familiar with the Nikkei residents of Japan is also a great opportunity to understand and learn about the Nikkei of Latin America, the United States, and sometimes even from Asia. The settlement of Latino Nikkei in Japan is a process similar to that faced by Japanese immigrants a century ago. At that time, they had to build their lives from nothing or from very little and overcome uncertainty about how to educate their children and plan for their future. It would make me very happy to know that my writing helps guide this integration process.

What is the most meaningful thing that has happened as a result of your connection to Discover Nikkei?

Participating in Discover Nikkei has enabled me to get to know the Nikkei of Latin America as well as the United States and Canada. At events such as COPANI (Convention of Pan American Nikkei) I was able to meet some of these distinguished leaders in person. Through this network of relationships, I’ve learned many things and I hope to share that knowledge within my own society. I feel that by writing articles and translating histories and stories, Nikkei can learn about many experiences that will broaden their own vision of the world and of society.

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¿Por qué es importante para usted compartir historias sobre los nikkei en Japón en Descubra a los Nikkei?

Conocer mejor a los nikkei residentes de Japón implica también una gran oportunidad para conocer e interiorizarse sobre los nikkei de América Latina, de los Estados Unidos y en ocasiones también de Asia. Este asentamiento de los nikkei latinos en Japón es un proceso similar que los inmigrantes japoneses se enfrentaron un siglo antes, donde tuvieron que construir sus vidas desde la nada o con muy poco, donde dudaron cómo educar a sus hijos y cómo planificar su futuro. Si mis escritos sirven para orientar este proceso de integración me sentiré sumamente satisfecho.

¿Cuál ha sido la cosa más significativa que le ha ocurrido como resultado de su conexión con Descubra a los Nikkei?

Mi participación en Discover Nikkei me ha permitido conocer no solo a los nikkei de América Latina sino también a los de Estados Unidos y Canadá y en ocasiones como la COPANI (Convención Panamericana Nikkei) pude conocer en persona a algunos de estos prestigiosos líderes. A través de esta red de relaciones pude aprender muchas cosas y espero poder retribuir estos conocimientos en mi propia sociedad. Escribiendo artículos o traduciendo historias y relatos siento que que los nikkei pueden conocer muchísimas vivencias que permitirían ampliar su visión del mundo y de la sociedad.

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Q. ディスカバー・ニッケイへ日本住む日系人のストーリをシェアすることの重要性は何ですか?


Q. ディスカバー・ニッケイへ参加することで得た最も有意義なことは何ですか?


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