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*The term “Nima” comes from combining Nikkei and nakama (Japanese for “colleagues”, or “fellows”, or “circle”).

Nima of the Month

laurahh (São Paulo, Brazil)

Laura Honda-Hasegawa (laurahh) is a Sansei in São Paulo, Brazil. Her writing shares her and others’ experiences and perspectives of being Nikkei. In her fiction, her stories explore life for dekasegi living in Japan.

She has been contributing her stories in both Portuguese and Japanese on Discover Nikkei since 2011. In addition to writing three original series, she has also written articles for Nikkei Chronicles, Kizuna 2020, and on other topics. Laura also helps us with translations, reviewing and editing Portuguese articles submitted by others, serving as an editorial committee member for past Nikkei Chronicles, led a writing workshop for us, recruited other writers, and more!

In addition to your own stories, you have contributed to Discover Nikkei in many ways. What makes this project so important to you?

I am interested in Japanese culture and the history of the Japanese who emigrated to different countries, and I've been writing about this topic. I owe this to the existence of Discover Nikkei, for if it hadn't been for this project I would hardly have had such an opportunity. It brings me joy to be able to contribute, at least a little, by expressing, through family and community stories, how I think and feel. I hope Discover Nikkei becomes the meeting point for Nikkei from all over the world, a special place where everyone can reinforce the strong ties that bind them.

What is the most meaningful thing that has happened as a result of your connection to Discover Nikkei?

I’ve been contributing to Discover Nikkei since July 2011 and it’s gratifying to know that, during these 9 years, I’ve been able to share through my writing my experiences as a Brazilian Nikkei. These days, that has been my ikigai, my life’s purpose.

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Além de colaborar com suas histórias, você tem contribuído de diferentes maneiras para o Discover Nikkei. O que torna o nosso projeto tão importante para você?

Eu me interesso pela cultura japonesa e pela história dos japoneses que emigraram para diferentes países e tenho escrito sobre o assunto. Devo isto à existência do Discover Nikkei, porque se não fosse esse projeto dificilmente eu teria uma oportunidade dessas. Poder contribuir, pelo menos um pouco, expressando minha maneira de pensar e de sentir, através de histórias familiares e da comunidade, é motivo de felicidade. Espero que o Discover Nikkei seja o ponto de encontro dos nikkeis do mundo inteiro, um lugar especial onde todos possam estreitar os fortes laços que os unem.

O que de mais significativo aconteceu em consequência de ter se conectado ao Discover Nikkei?

Colaboro no Discover Nikkei desde julho de 2011 e é gratificante saber que, nestes 9 anos, pude transmitir através da escrita as minhas experiências como nikkei brasileira. Atualmente isto tem sido o ikigai, o meu propósito de vida.

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Q. エッセイの寄稿をはじめ、様々な分野でディスカバーニッケイをサポートしていただいていますが、ラウラさんにとって、ディスカバーニッケイプロジェクトの重要性は何ですか?


Q. ディスカバー・ニッケイへ参加することで得た最も有意義なことは何でしょうか?


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