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*The term “Nima” comes from combining Nikkei and nakama (Japanese for “colleagues”, or “fellows”, or “circle”).

Nima of the Month

silvialumy (São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)

Silvia Lumy Akioka first started writing for Discover Nikkei in 2009, sharing her experiences as a student in Japan. She was selected as Nima of the Month that same year. In 2012, she visited Los Angeles for three weeks, during which she volunteered for Discover Nikkei. She has continued to help us as a volunteer ever since.

Although Silvia hasn’t contributed as many stories lately, she has been a tremendous help to us as a volunteer behind the scenes. She has assisted us with Portuguese transcriptions, translations, and helping us to communicate with our Portuguese-speaking users. This has been invaluable to us since no one on the staff knows Portuguese!

We asked her a few questions about the importance of Discover Nikkei. Below are her answers.

Why do you volunteer for Discover Nikkei?

I consider Discover Nikkei part of Nikkei history and heritage and that is why I like to contribute in some way to this interesting project.

What is the most important thing you have gained from participating in Discover Nikkei?

The texts I read and the testimonials I watch bring me a feeling of affinity—an indescribable feeling of belonging, affection, gratitude for our ancestors, and pride over our roots.

Why should people participate in Discover Nikkei?

Everyone is welcome to join Discover Nikkei and help us to enrich this legacy, which will remain for the next generations to discover.

Por que você é voluntário(a) do Descubra Nikkei?

Considero o Descubra Nikkei parte da história nikkei e patrimônio e por isso gosto de contribuir de alguma forma com esse projeto interessante.

O que você ganhou de mais importante participando do Descubra Nikkei?

Os textos que leio e depoimentos que assisto, trazem uma sensação de afinidade - um sentimento indescritível de pertencimento, de carinho e gratidão por nossos antepassados e orgulho de nossas raízes.

Por que as pessoas deveriam participar do Descubra Nikkei?

Todos são bem vindos para participar do Descubra Nikkei e nos ajudar a enriquecer este legado que ficará para as próximas gerações descobrirem.

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