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*The term “Nima” comes from combining Nikkei and nakama (Japanese for “colleagues”, or “fellows”, or “circle”).

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masayukifukasawa (Brazil)

Masayuki Fukasawa first started contributing to Discover Nikkei in 2009 with articles about Japanese Brazilians. Fukasawa himself emigrated from Japan to Brazil in 1992 and is a veteran journalist and Japanese language editor at Nikkey Shimbun, a bilingual newspaper in São Paulo.

We asked him what what he likes about Discover Nikkei and this is what he said:

[EN] In general, one’s identity in large part is shaped by the country in which he or she grew up. But, Discover Nikkei is trying to connect Nikkei identities across borders. I don’t think there has ever been an attempt like this. I feel that in such an effort, the essence of what it means to be Japanese or Nikkei gets clarified or distilled through the filter called world history. Perhaps that’s the Nikkei that this site tries to discover. It might turn out to be something that the Japanese in Japan had never imagined before. As a fan, I want to see what they’ll find on the way.

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[JA] 普通、その人のアイデンティティの多くの部分は、生まれ育った国の影響が強い。ところが、ディスカバーニッケイは、国境を超えて、日系意識の横のつながりを広めようとしている。このような取り組みは、かつてなかったように思う。この試みによって、日本人、日系人という存在のエッセンスが明確化される、もしくは、日本人を世界史という蒸留機の中でエキスにしたものが立ち現れてくるのではないか、という気がする。それがきっと、このサイトがディスカバーしようとしているニッケイ性なのではないだろうか。それは、日本の日本人の想像を超えたようなものになるかもしれない。それをじっと、一ファンとして見守っていきたい。

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