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ニマの声: 第2話—エリック・マツナガ

12月15日(火)• 17:00 – 17:30 (太平洋標準時)

[言語: 英語]


Save the date for our second episode! Hear from Discover Nikkei contributor, Erik Matsunaga—a Chicago-born Yonsei descended of Nisei resettlers from California by way of Gila River War Relocation Center—as he is interviewed by our guest host, award-winning author Naomi Hirahara.

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ニマの声:第1話 チャック・タサカ


[言語: 英語]

The inaugural episode featured Japanese Canadian Chuck Tasaka with guest host, actor and comedian Kyle Mizono. Chuck talked about unique Canadian Nikkei foods; how Greenwood, BC became the first Japanese Canadian internment camp during WWII and remained a Nikkei community after the war; Nisei nicknames; his Nikkei heroes; and more. Read all of Chuck's stories here.

Kyle Mizono is a comedian based in Los Angeles who recently made a Comedy Central digital series called “Girl Kyle.” She’s also been featured on NPR’s This American Life, Viceland, FreeForm, and Adult Swim.




第7回イマジン・リトル東京ショートストーリー・コンテスト: バーチャル授賞式


[言語: 英語・一部日本語]

第7回 イマジン・リトル東京ショートストーリー・コンテストのバーチャル授賞式では、最優秀作品の発表と、俳優のデレク・ミオ、尾崎英二郎、タムリン・トミタによる朗読が行われました。各部門を代表し審査員のブライアン・ニイヤ(一般部門)、ケルシー・イイノ(青少年部門)、中曽根牧子(日本語部門)が、最優秀賞受賞者ジェームス・フジタ、 オナッサ・サン新井淳蔵を発表しました。授賞式の司会は、マリリン・トクダ。リトル東京歴史協会会長マイケル・オカムラによるあいさつに始まり、スティーブ・ナガノによるリトル東京のショート・ドキュメンタリーで締めくくられました。



Nikkei Uncovered: a poetry reading


[言語: 英語]

Discover Nikkei’s Nikkei Uncovered: a poetry column shares poems each month from the Nikkei community around themes curated by author, poet, and performer traci kato-kiriyama. Nikkei Uncovered went live with a powerful, intergenerational lineup of poets previously featured in the column to share their poetry in an online reading. Hosted by traci, the interactive reading and reflection featured Maiya Kuida-Osumi, Courtney Ozaki, Micah Tasaka, and Mitsuye Yamada, followed by a short open mic portion.


From Japan to Mexico: A Nikkei Story from Veracruz


[言語: 英語・一部スペイン語]

Julio Mizzumi Guerrero Kojima and Belen Torres Morales are descendants of immigrants who left Japan to work in the sugar plantations in Veracruz, Mexico, in the early 1900s. They are musicians with expertise in the Fandango, a tradition specific to Veracruz that is rooted in community convening and participation. They also are part of an environmental/community gardening project in Veracruz called Jardin Kojima. They performed with musician César Castro and spoke about their family’s history, their expertise in Fandango, and their environmental project.

 This program was presented by the Japanese American National Museum in partnership with FandangObon.