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『By Order of the President: FDR and the Internment of Japanese Americans』(ハーバード大学出版局 2001年)、 『A Tragedy of Democracy; Japanese Confinement in North America』 ( コロンビア大学出版局 2009年)、『After Camp: Portraits in Postwar Japanese Life and Politics』 (カリフォルニア大学出版局 2012年)、 『Pacific Citizens: Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American Journalism in the World War II Era』 (イリノイ大学出版局 2012年)、詩選集『Miné Okubo: Following Her Own Road』(ワシントン大学出版局 2008年)の共編者でもあります。『日米ウィークリー』で連載中の「The Great Unknown and the Unknown Great」は、ロビンソン教授による有名な歴史コラムです。最新著書は、『The Great Unknown: Japanese American Sketches』(コロラド大学出版局2016年)です。

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数十年後、マクベス弁護士は、ロサンゼルスの法曹界や政界で重要な役割を担うようになります。アフリカ系アメリカ人の原告や刑事被告人の支援に力を注ぎ、ジャズ界の偉人、ジェリー・ロール・モートンなど、著名人の弁護にもあたりました。また、人種分離法や住居供給上の人種差別に挑むため ...


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A Union of Artists: Kimi Gengo and Bunji Tagawa - Part 2

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Kimi Gengo Tagawa achieved early renown for her poetry, winning prizes and publishing a volume of verse while still in her twenties. Conversely, the long artistic career of her husband, Bunji Tagawa, did not take off until after his thirtieth birthday.

Bunji Tagawa was born in Japan on August 13, 1904. Daikichiro Tagawa, his father, was a Japanese Christian lawyer, journalist, and statesman who later served as president of Meiji University. The elder Tagawa served multiple terms in the Diet as an independent representative from his native Nagasaki, and became renowned for his liberal and progressive views ...


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A Union of Artists: Kimi Gengo and Bunji Tagawa - Part 1

One useful study for understanding Japanese American history would focus on “power couples,” that is, spouses or long-term romantic partners who are both accomplished figures in their own right. Perhaps the classic case in this regard is that of the Inouyes. Daniel Inouye was U.S. Senator from Hawaii for half a century. Irene Hirano Inouye, his wife, was a community leader and the founding CEO of the Japanese American National Museum. They made a formidable team.

On a more modest level, midcentury New York City, with its open, cosmopolitan culture, attracted a number of artistic and literary Nikkei power ...


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John McGilvrey Maki: A friendly Reminiscence

It was April 2004. I was attending an event at Columbia University in New York City. The organizers allotted us some extra time during the lunch break, and so I decided to go off and take a walk. I had worked at Columbia a decade earlier, and it was fun to explore the area around campus and see how the neighborhood had changed since then. It seemed that a number of the places I used to visit had vanished, but I was relieved to find that my favorite used bookshops on Amsterdam Avenue were still around, and I gladly went ...


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Leonard Broom (AKA Leonard Bloom): Scholar/Activist and Defender of Japanese Americans - Part 2

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During the early postwar years, Dr. Leonard Bloom, Professor of Sociology at UCLA, was able to bring together scholarship and activism into creative synthesis, most notably on the question of Evacuation Claims. In 1947, as the JACL launched its campaign for compensation for losses by West Coast Japanese Americans as a result of mass exclusion, Bloom agreed to serve as an advisor. He meanwhile launched his own study of the loss question. In collaboration with his assistant and researcher Ruth Riemer, he conducted a survey of 206 Japanese American families, most of whom were living in a ...