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OHAYO Bom dia

Capítulo 6: Liberdade

Laura Honda-Hasegawa

The Liberdade back then is like a completely different world to me now.

OHAYO Bom dia

Capítulo 5: Vi, yo también lo vi

Laura Honda-Hasegawa

Saw it! I saw it, too!

OHAYO Bom dia

Capítulo 4: Es carnaval!

Laura Honda-Hasegawa

The Carnival is the biggest event in Brazil. The Portuguese brought this Pagan tradition to Brazil in the 17th century, and at first it was merely an entertaining recreation for commoners. People had fun in the streets all over town, throwing flower and spraying water at each other.

OHAYO Bom dia

Capítulo 3: Mi primer baño de ofuro

Laura Honda-Hasegawa

It was my 12th summerMy first time visiting my grandma’s homeMy first time seeing a large coffee fieldMy first time stepping foot on red dirtMy first time meeting my unclesMy first time playing with my cousins

OHAYO Bom dia

Capítulo 2: Qué difícil que es el japonés!

Laura Honda-Hasegawa

1. “Is your mom there?”    “She went to the byouin (hospital).”    “Is something wrong?”    “Yeah, her head.”    “Oh…”    “She’s going to change her hairstyle.”    “Oh I see, she went to the biyouin (salon).”

OHAYO Bom dia

Capítulo 1: El rostro relata la raíz

Laura Honda-Hasegawa

“New teacher for Portuguese class is Japanese!”

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I enjoy spending time at bookshops, taking nice walks, trying new recipes, and travelling to many different places in my free time.
The most significant experience in my life was when I lived in Japan, 40 years ago.
Eu amo passar o tempo em livrarias, fazer passeios maravilhosos, experimentar novas receitas e viajar para diversos lugares em meu tempo livre.
A experiência mais significante de toda a minha vida foi viver no Japão, 40 anos atrás.

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