Javier García Wong-Kit

Journalist, with a degree in Communication Sciences, and instructor at San Martín de Porres University in Lima. He writes about gastronomy for the Gestión newspaper and publishes stories and profiles in Kaikan magazine, published by the Japanese Peruvian Association. You can find his blog at www.viajesdeescritorio.lamula.pe.

Updated April 2015


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The Japanese Language in Peruvian Speech

Languages crossed national borders well before globalization and today, in any part of the world, you can hear other languages spoken with both native and foreign accents. But what causes one language to incorporate words from another language and appropriate them for everyday use?

Japanese culture figures prominently in Peru, as does the Japanese language, which has been assimilated by young people and adults through consumption of diverse products, media figures, and colloquial usage. It’s not surprising, then, that some Japanese words are not identified as Japanese despite being used frequently.

As with English, certain terms have become universal ...

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Eduardo Tokeshi: A Portrait of Curiosity

His gaze conceals a reality that he has transformed into art. Eduardo Tokeshi, born in Lima in 1960, emanates a sense of imperturbable calm that he’s maintained from the time he began exhibiting his first works and walked around with long hair, and even on this particular afternoon when the weather seems to have come to a standstill in his home studio in Miraflores.

At 55, Tokeshi has been working as an artist for almost three decades. Yet his work, which has been exhibited in around 20 countries, seems like that of a young talent. Since a retrospective of ...

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Christmas Memories of the Nikkei

Our memories are filled with sad and happy landscapes that speak to each other. I asked some Nikkei to share their childhood memories, Christmas holiday customs, and family traditions. Members of the “Road to Happiness” painting workshop, a program of the Ryoichi Jinnai Recreational Center for the Elderly which is part of the Japanese-Peruvian Association, spent some time in the days before Christmas to share their memories over coffee and sweetbread.

Naoko Yamauchi: “There is a lot of happiness in my life”

Naoko Yamauchi wears a shirt with the logo of Radio Taiso, the morning radio exercise program that is ...

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Passion for soccer knows no boundaries and has become widespread among descendants of the Japanese who arrived in Peru more than 90 years ago from a country with little affinity for the sport. What they found in Peru was overwhelming devotion that led them to participate at a professional level starting in the 1950s, with many playing for the national team.

Some names have been lost to poor record-keeping or they simply slipped under the radar in the long list of Peruvian soccer players, in the lower and youth categories, as well as the second division and regional leagues. Others ...

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Yogashi Patisserie: Repostería de tres patrias

Hay en el Perú, una tienda cuyas creaciones representan a tres nacionalidades. En Yogashi Patisserie, en una esquina desapercibida del distrito limeño de San Borja, un nikkei resume tres países en un postre. La historia de Carlos Yanahura tiene un vínculo con la repostería francesa y japonesa que ha llegado a buen puerto en el Perú.

Carlos estudió en el Instituto Los Andes a fines de los noventa, años antes de que la gastronomía fuera la carta de presentación de su país y, una vez graduado, entró a trabajar en restaurantes y ...

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