Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest IV

The Little Tokyo Historical Society’s fourth short story contest concluded with an Awards Reception held on the evening of Thursday, April 20, 2017 at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center Garden Room in Little Tokyo. The winning stories and Finalists were announced before an appreciative crowd following a light reception of Japanese foods. The winner’s stories were read in dramatic fashion by professional actors and the words came to life for everyone to enjoy. The Youth and Japanese category winners were present and received their $500 cash prize award, and the English winner joined the program via Skype from her home in New Zealand!


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Mama needed eggs. I was happy to walk down First Street to buy a dozen from Golden Nest Market. I picked up a carton and checked to make sure none were broken and then I looked at some of the magazines. There was a new one called Ms. Magazine. The cover had a drawing of a woman with eight arms. With one arm she was using a feather duster. With other arms, she ironed, held the steering wheel of a car, fried an egg in a frying pan, and wrote on a typewriter. Mr. Takahashi cleared his throat. Loudly. He ...

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ここリトル東京で寿司を握って55年… いや、正確には巻いて55年と言うべきかもしれない。1963年、私があの“トリプルTロール”を考案して以来、世界は劇的に変わってしまった。



生魚が苦手なら、代わりに天ぷらはどうだ?味は流行りのテリヤキソースでパンチを効かせよう ...

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