Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VI

The Little Tokyo Historical Society’s sixth-short story contest concluded with an Awards Reception held on the evening of Thursday, April 18, 2019 at the Union Church of Los Angeles in Little Tokyo. The winning stories were read by three professional actors. The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness of Little Tokyo through a creative story that takes place in Little Tokyo. The story has to be fictional and set in a current, past or future Little Tokyo in the City of Los Angeles, California.


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Little Tokyo Story – Ben & Akiko

It’s been seven and a half years since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics’ huge success resulted in our Japanese American community here in Los Angeles flourishing as well. 64 years after Fred Wada’s achievements led to the 1964 Olympics being held in Tokyo, Los Angeles will host the Olympics, and the venues are almost completed.

The Terasaki Budokan opened the same year as the 2020 Olympics, and increased peoples’ awareness of sports even more, attracting a whole range of people. There are also an increasing number of elderly who are exercising daily, in order to achieve greater health …

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Promise Me You’ll Remember

5:00PM was when the phone call came, telling me you were gone. Engine failure they said. Explosion over the Pacific, just a few miles past the Hawaiian islands. No survivors.

The little apartment we had bought on 2nd street so you could be close to Little Tokyo feels so small now. On my pillow, I stare at a lone hair; yours, I can tell, from its scent of coconut shampoo. From our room, through the door, I can see the window above the kitchen sink, faintly lit by morning light. The shadows that trace around the edge of the sink …

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A Reason to be Proud

“Hey Buddhahead! C’mere! I want to talk to you. Where are you going? You’ve got nowhere to run. I just want to talk! Buddhahead!”

I run away. Again. Back to the corner where Collin will never find me. The same routine every day. I hide until right before the bell rings, wait for my teacher to take roll, and run inside the locker room as fast as possible. Thankfully, P.E. is my last class of the day, so after I can just take off and leave. I take the 20-minute bus ride to Monterey Park, hop off at Floral, and …

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