Misa Murohashi

Editor-in-chief of The North American Post. She graduated from Sophia University in 2000 with a degree in Economics and worked in international marketing. She has lived in Seattle since 2005. Having devoted herself to raising two children for some years, in 2016 she earned a master's in Urban Planning from the University of Washington and has been working as the head editor at The North American Post since 2017. Her main topics include urban problems and Asian immigrant communities.

Updated March 2018

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History of Gekkeikan Sake - from Kyoto to America

“During the New Year holiday season, Maneki and Nikko Low served Sake and relish free of charge to all who stopped by. They decorated the table with a large one-foot carp especially shipped from Japan, salted and broiled, along with the specially cooked traditional Japanese New Year dishes and Chinese dishes. This made one forget he was abroad. Paying tips to the maids, we had them play the shamisen and sing Okesa bushi or other popular songs. Such was the jolly New Years Party scene at restaurants in which ‘real’ Japan was vividly alive.”

— Ito Kazuo Issei: a History of ...

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Memorial service held for Issei found in forgotten Queen Anne graves

Early Japanese immigrants rest in untended graves atop Queen Anne Hill in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Last December 24, two Buddhist priests from the Koya-san Shingon sect visited the graves from the Bay Area in California to hold a memorial service. Consul General Yoichiro Yamada, Sushi Chef Shiro Kashiba and others rounded out a group of about 10 people who attended the service.

“For some reason, I felt a sense of mission when I heard about these early Japanese immigrants who ended their lives across the waters in the US and are in untended graves,” said Emi Ejiri, who goes by ...

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— 鈴木芳美




高校時代には教会近くの高齢者向けアパート、川部メモリアル・ハウスで配膳のアルバイトをし、そこでも日系1世の住人たちと親交を深めた ...

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シアトル「日本町」を知る -戦中・戦後編-

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2015年12月、ワシントンDCで行われた米国帰化移民らの会合で、オバマ前大統領は「日系移民を強制収容所に監禁したのは米国の最も暗い歴史の一つだ」と挨拶した。75年前の同月、フランクリン ...

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シアトル「日本町」を知る -戦前編-




シアトルにはかつて、北米最大規模の日本町があったことを知っているだろうか。1930年には約8500人の日系人が住み、ロサンゼルスに次ぐ規模であったという。インターナショナル・ディストリクト周辺、特にジャクソン・ストリートとメイン・ストリートを中心に日本人経営の商店が集まり ...

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