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Not Made In Japan

Breaking Fast

Were processed,
Warm and white.

Soup, often corn,
Always a powder,
Poured into a plastic bowl
That looked lacquered.

Added water, 
Boiled in an aluminum kettle 
On the rusting gas table. 

In the shiny red toaster oven,
Toasted a single piece of white bread, 
Soft and square and thick,
With tiny holes
Like styrofoam,
Something to do with Japanese flour. 

On top
Sat a single piece of white processed cheese 
At its melting point. 

In rural Japan,
Real cheese 
Was not a real option.

Sitting at my low table
Quickly break my fast.


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© 2014 Raymond Nakamura

breakfast comic food Japan Raymond Nakamura

About this series

Once upon a time (in the late eighties), after studying Zoology with a minor in Japanese language, I (a Canadian sansei) decided to go to Japan to study marine biology, practice Japanese, and perhaps find myself, whatever that meant. Here are some scenes from that time.