OHAYO Bom dia

My grandfather immigrated to Brazil from Japan about 100 years ago, and I was born in Brazil. That is why I strive to become a ‘bridge’ between Brazil and Japan. I treasure the ‘Japan’ rooted deep in my heart, and I want to keep that part of me protected in my homeland of Brazil. This series was composed with those feelings in mind. (“Bom Dia” is “Good morning” in Portuguese)

culture en ja es pt

Chapter 2: Japanese Is Difficult!

1. “Is your mom there?”
    “She went to the byouin (hospital).”
    “Is something wrong?”
    “Yeah, her head.”
    “She’s going to change her hairstyle.”
    “Oh I see, she went to the biyouin (salon).”

2. “How’s the new job?”
    “It was no good.”
    “I didn’t make it in time for the interview.”
    “I confused yokka (4th) with youka (8th).”

3. After a fight with his wife, the man stormed out of the house as he said, “I want jiyuu (freedom)!” His wife, shocked, went to the police in tears. She thought her husband had said “I ...

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identity en ja es pt

Chapter 1: Your face speaks of your roots

“New teacher for Portuguese class is Japanese!”

The information spread like lightning. The third year students at the vocational school all poked their heads out of the windows in anticipation.

There I was, walking in front of them—a newbie teacher headed to class 3-A.

The hallway seemed neverending. I was very nervous. My first job at a school, my very first class—looking back, it was such a stressful moment that it almost makes me want to tell myself, “Good job. You did well.”

There have been Nikkei teachers for subjects like math and science, but it was a ...

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