Marsha Takeda-Morrison

Marsha Takeda-Morrison is a third-generation Japanese-American writer living in Los Angeles with her husband and two teenage daughters. She chronicles her family’s life on her personal blog, Sweatpantsmom, writes about parenting for, and dishes on teen celebrities for Celebrity Teen Scoop. She frequently covers pop culture and has interviewed the likes of Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Mila Kunis. While she spends a lot of time in Hollywood she has never had plastic surgery, given birth to an actor’s child, or tried out for the cast of ‘Glee.’ Yet.

Updatd October 2012

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Nikkei Chronicles #4: Nikkei Family: Memories, Traditions, and Values

The Weight On My Shoulders

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when this happened—maybe nine or ten—but I distinctly remember what the hotel room looked and smelled like. The bedspreads were ugly and itchy. There was a musty smell to everything, and we figured it was because the housekeepers never really cleaned, just moved the vacuum a few times over the carpet and called it a day. I refused to drink out of any of the glasses because I swore I saw a distinct lip print on the edge of one of the ones wrapped in the crinkly white paper ...

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Nikkei Chronicles #1: ITADAKIMASU! A Taste of Nikkei Culture

Spam: It’s What’s For Dinner. No, Really.

Today I’m going to talk about Spam. I’m not talking about the kind in your online mailbox, I’m talking about the canned meat.

Hey, where’d everybody go?

Now that everyone, save for a few adventurous souls and the Asians, have left the room let me tell you about one of my favorite family traditions, Spam musubi, (pronounced moo-soo-bee), a kind of sushi concoction made out of Spam, rice, and seaweed.

Hey look—now only the Asians are still here.

Sure, being Japanese-American, everyone expects that my family tradition would be along the lines of a complex ...

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Warning: Japanese lady say not-so-nice things about racists!

I was in my early twenties, at a dinner party. The host, a friend of mine, used the “N-word” in a conversation and after a couple of nervous giggles, everyone went on eating their pasta puttanesca like nothing had happened. I tried to, but couldn’t and I made a feeble attempt at approaching the subject, saying something like, “About that word—it was offensive but you know that, right?” my voice shaking the entire time. I remember there were no nervous giggles after that, only a dead silence that seemed to go on forever until my friend simply responded ...

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Kizuna: Nikkei Stories from the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Japan Quake: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I know the title of this post is “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” but it’s been really hard to find anything good about the disaster unfolding in Japan. Truth is, words seem so trivial and I don’t even particularly feel like writing about the quake, or the tsunami or the nuclear crisis that’s changing by the hour. And you know I don’t do sentimental or sad very well—I prefer to keep those thoughts bottled up inside and express them by yelling at the cat or slamming doors like normal people do. But so many ...

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