Sam Takahashi

Born in Nara, raised in Kyoto.  Residing in Seattle since 1970.  In addition to working in trade, finance, and the hospitality business, he has conducted Japan-U.S. cultural exchange and historical surveys on the Issei.

Updated August 2015

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Nikkei Educational Tour Visits Roots of Issei Immigrant in Montana

Sometimes I wonder what my standing is as a Nihonjin here in Seattle. I came from Japan in 1970 and was born in Japan before the war. We are called Shin Issei because we came here after the war. It is good to be distinguished from Issei who came here before the war to pay our respects. They had a hard life and built honorary and reputable positions in U.S. society as Nikkeijin. The train I am riding comfortably while looking at the grand scenery of this great land from the window is indebted to the hard work and ...

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