Getting a job at the British Army camp in Hiroshima

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When I got to Hiroshima... in Japan, there's a police station right beside the railway station. There's always a police station and a policeman there. So I went to the police box and asked him, Where do I find the British Army? He says, You get on that train, and go to Kure, Kaitaichi. Kaitaichi, and then there's a camp there. You might get a job there. So I got on the train going to Kure, and when it came to Kaitachi, I just got off and went to the police box right by the station and asked him, Where is the camp? And he says, It's over there, so I went over there, and there was a security guard, a soldier at the gate, and he says, What can I do for you? Says, I want to, I'm looking for a job. So he called the man who was in charge of labor, and he came out to see me, and he says, You speak English? Says, Yeah. Where'd you come from? I said, Canada. Where? Mission. And he looked at me and he says, Mission, that's where I come from. And I told him, My name is Ito, and he knew who we were. And he gave me a job.

Date: March 23, 2005
Location: Toronto, Canada
Interviewer: Mary Ito
Contributed by: Sedai, the Japanese Canadian Legacy Project, Japanese Canadian Cultural Center

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