Ken Mukai

Ken Mukai is a second generation Japanese American, whose father is from Hiroshima. He grew up in West Los Angeles, graduated from UCLA, and worked two years in Japan on the JET program before returning to Los Angeles. He has been teaching high school science for 14 years in the Los Angeles Unified School system, and he also spent one year (2004) teaching in South Africa on the Fulbright program. In 2005 he helped launch Hiroken, a new generation sub-group of Hiroshima Kenjinkai.

Updated April 2009

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My experience with Hiroshima Kenjinkai and Hiroken

My father, Tsukasa, is an Issei from Hiroshima, and came to America in 1960. So, naturally, when he arrived he became a member of Hiroshima Kenjinkai, and he has been an active member ever since. I have two brothers and a sister. As we were growing up in the '70s and '80s, my father would take us to the annual Hiroshima Kenjinkai picnic. I don’t recall much from those picnics, except that I felt like I was being dragged by my parents to go to them. (I didn’t have as much fun as Arlene seemed to have going ...

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