Kent Morizawa

Kent is a second generation Japanese American attorney and part-time writer. In his free time he likes to enjoy all that Southern California has to offer, including perpetual 72 degree weather, sandy beaches, and Dodger baseball. He lives in Glendale, California with his girlfriend and their two precocious cats.

Updated August 2015

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest II

The Tempura King

They called Nozomi the Tempura King of Little Tokyo. He manned the tempura bar at the Tokyo Kaikan restaurant, holding court each night and delighting guests with his wizardry. People came from all over Los Angeles to enjoy Nozomi’s perfectly crisp and flavorful tempura. A lot went into making it perfect, but the real secret was in the oil. Not too hot or the outside would burn and leave the inside raw. Not too cold or the batter would soak up the oil and leave a greasy mess. Nozomi never used a thermometer to determine the best moment for ...

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