Sam Mihara

Sam Mihara is a former internee at the Heart Mountain, Wyoming, camp. He was born and raised in San Francisco. Entering Heart Mountain at age 9, Sam has vivid memories of the events before, during and after camp. After the war, Sam's family returned to San Francisco. He graduated from UC Berkeley and UCLA with degrees in engineering. Sam retired after a 42-year career at the Boeing Company where he was a rocket scientist and director of marketing. He has two daughters and two grandchildren. 

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Updated January 2012

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Memories of Heart Mountain - Part 2

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I eventually graduated from high school and went to UC Berkeley and then UCLA graduate school, majoring in aeronautical engineering and business. I was hired by Boeing (formerly Douglas Aircraft) and enjoyed a very happy and rewarding 42-year career. Part of my work resulted in the launches of communications satellites and the GPS constellation being placed into orbit. Along the way, I was married, had two daughters and two grandkids.

For over 60 years since leaving Heart Mountain, I wanted nothing to do with it or the Cody and Powell area. After our bitter experience, especially how ...

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Memories of Heart Mountain - Part 1

I remember the spring of 1942.

I had just turned 9 years old and the armed United States military came to our neighborhood in San Francisco. The guards escorted my father, mother, brother, me, and all others of Japanese ethnicity in the area out of our homes and placed us into buses. My grandparents and other relatives were also on the buses.

No one explained where they were taking us, but we found ourselves at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds in Pomona, California, where we were placed in temporary housing that consisted of one room per family. We were fortunate ...

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