Hiroyuki Kinjo

Hiroyuki Kinjo was born in Okinawa. He is a graduate of the University of Philippines. Currently, he is Associate Professor of Language and Cultural Studies at the Center for Migration Studies, University of the Ryukyus. Kinjo specializes in the study of the culture and language of Spain. His current research interests are Uchinanchu identity and networks. Kinjo previously held positions as Executive Director at the International Center for Language and Culture, and Principal of International Resort College.

Updated February 2008

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Uchinanchu Taikai and the Global Network of Okinawans

Okinawans, also called “Uchinanchu”, have emigrated to mainland Japan and to many other places both before and after World War II, and established communities like the ones in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Emigration was a social phenomenon in the 20th century of Okinawan society and because of this large-scale emigration, presently, many Okinawan descendents live in different places around the world (figure 2). Okinawans have maintained their communities relatively well when compared to other ethnic groups. Their traditions and common values such as cohesiveness and cooperation, have persisted through generations, and they maintain strong community ties under a unique ethnic ...

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