Tomomi Kanemaru

Kanemaru was born in 1969 in Yamanashi Prefecture. She moved to the U.S. in 1991. In 2000, she graduated from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Art in Brooklyn, New York with a major in oil painting. As she hosted art exhibitions in New York and in Japan, she worked on book design and graphic design. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles and worked on lighting design on stage and performed for Great Leap, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. She currently works at The Japanese Daily Sun (Nikkan San), a Japanese newspaper publisher in Los Angeles as an editor, writer and graphic designer.

Updated May 2011

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Oshogatsu and New Year’s Celebration in Nikkei Communities in Los Angeles

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!”

It’s a new year. For Americans, it’s their last holiday, but for Nikkei communities in Southern California, it’s the oshogatsu they have all been waiting for. Starting from the first sunrise on January 1st, New Year’s celebrations and inaugural ceremonies of new board members in various communities continue until March. This three-month celebration of New Year is exclusively unique to Southern California where they have the biggest Nikkei communities in the U.S. mainland.

Hatsuhinode (First Sunrise of the Year)—Customs of Shin ...

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Oshogatsu in LA Nikkei Communities—We Can’t Wait for Oshogatsu

How many nights will we sleep before oshogatsu?
Let’s fly a kite and
spin a top on oshogatsu...♪♪

This song is called Oshogatsu. It’s composed by Rentaro Taki and written by Kume Higashi. It’s a famous oshogatsu song that most Japanese learn in elementary school. It might be because I’m living abroad, but in December, I find myself longing for “oshogatsu,” not “New Year.”

“New Year” and “oshogatsu” are different in how I feel them. “New Year” in America has its highlight at the countdown from the eve on December 31 to January 1. And once ...

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全米日系人博物館25周年 日本文化普及の功労者を表彰

19世紀後半に日本から米国に移民してきた日系1世たちやその子孫たちの歴史を語り継いでいる全米日系人博物館(JANM)が、今年で25周年を迎えた*。今月中旬、記念のガラ・ディナーがダウンタウンのW.マリオットホテルLAライブにて開催され、アケミ・ヤノJANM館長ら博物館関係者の他に、伊原純一総領事、ダニエル・イノウエ上院議員夫妻、ジャン・ペリー ロサンゼルス市議会議員、『スタートレック』シリーズのヒカル・スールー役で知られる俳優のジョージ・タケイ氏など、各界から約1300人が出席した。

今回のテーマは「引き継がれる家族の物語:広がり行く日系コミュニティー」。戦後の日系移民たちとその家族のビジネスが次世代へと現在は引き継がれ ...

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