Carolyn Kamii

Carolyn Kamii is a fourth generation Japanese American living in Los Angeles and owner of a lifestyles public relations firm, Carolyn Kamii Public Relations ( The great niece of Judge John Aiso, a pioneer in the Asian American community who became the first Asian Superior Court justice in California, she has traveled to Japan numerous times to see her family.

Updated August 2016


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Reflections on My Visit to Nagasaki—a City of Peace and Culture

I’m not sure why I hesitated about traveling to Nagasaki when my mother and husband first discussed traveling to the city as part of our first trip together to Kyushu, Japan. Perhaps it’s the uncertainty of wanting to know firsthand the horrors of nuclear bombs, and the long-lasting effects of nuclear war, but I’m very glad I decided to make the trip.

What I found was an uber-peaceful, cultural and modern city nestled on beautiful rolling hills overlooking a large bay, with electric street level trolleys that reminded me of San Francisco, with a fascinating multi-ethnic history ...

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