Rodger Hara

Rodger Hara is a Sansei and a 2nd generation Colorado native. He is on the Denver Mayor's Asian Pacific American Advisory Commission and chairs the Asian Pacific American Commission for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Hara is also a current member of the Board of Directors of the Sakura Square Housing Corporation of which his late father was one of the original members. Hara is a graduate of the University of Denver and works as a mortgage banker specializing in the financing of affordable housing projects.

Updated June 2008

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Amache Remembered

I was born in Denver the year after World War II ended and grew up as the only Asian in my schools until I hit Junior High. Until I was five, we lived with my Issei grandparents and Nihongo was all that was spoken around the house. Then when I was six, my parents bought their first house, we moved out and I began attending school. From then on, the only time I heard Nihongo was at family gatherings – and other than at home, that was the only time I saw other Asian faces.

My parents, by example, by actions ...

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