Roy Wesley

Roy Wesley (né Uyesugi) is a research scientist doing business with his husband, Mark Weber, in their laboratory of 20 years named Fermalogic, Inc.  After doing natural product process improvements, they are now moving into drug discovery. Wesley was formerly at Pfizer and also has a degree in optometry and worked for his family contact lens business, Wesley-Jessen in Chicago until it was sold and then worked as President of the National Eye Research Foundation.

Updated August 2014 

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Crônicas Nikkeis #3 — Nomes Nikkeis: Taro, John, Juan, João?

Struggle for Identity

As I think about my name and what it has meant to me over the different stages of my life, I see that my name has not been a constant feature of ME. I have evolved over time and my perception of my name has altered with each modification.

I was born Roy Kermit Uyesugi at the time that the US was brought into WWII by the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

After our family left the interment camp at Minidoka, Idaho, my father changed the family name from Uyesugi to Wesley. Wesley was the replacement chosen because of the ...

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