Kelly Fleck

Kelly Fleck is the editor of the Nikkei Voice, a Japanese-Canadian national newspaper. A recent graduate of Carleton University's journalism and communication program, she volunteered with the paper for years before taking on the job. Working at Nikkei Voice, Fleck has her finger on the pulse of Japanese Canadian culture and community.

Updated July 2018

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Kyo Maclear’s New Childrens’ Book Tells The Story of a Nisei Trailblazer

Author Gyo Fujikawa‘s books have been read, shared and loved by generations of families all over the world for over 50 years.

Fujikawa began with a blank page and created children’s books that imagined a bigger, better world, away from societal constraints of race and gender. Fujikawa’s first book, Babies, was the one of the earliest to feature children of different races interacting with each other. Now Fujikawa’s own, overlooked story is being told in It Began With a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way, a new children’s book written by Kyo Maclear and ...

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History Meets Hi-tech with East of the Rockies

TORONTO — University of British Columbia student Anne Canute has fond memories of her grandmother encouraging her and her cousins to create and tell their own silly and funny stories as children.

Years later, Canute worked with her grandmother, activist and award-winning author Joy Kogawa, on a different kind of story. The two collaborated on the script for the new, experimental storytelling video game called East of the Rockies.

The app, which is a game that can be used on a smartphone, tells the fictional story of 17 year old Yuki, who is forced to leave her home for an internment ...

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Chef and Author Caroline Ishii Introduces Japan to Canadian Food with a Vegan Twist

While putting together her new cookbook, Canadian Vegan Recipes, chef and author Caroline Ishii had to figure out exactly what Canadian food is.

The book, which is published completely in Japanese, aims to teach a Japanese audience about vegan cooking (using no animal byproducts) as well as Canadian culture and cuisine.

In her initial discussions with her Japanese publisher, Kirasienne, Ishii says the editor-in-chief was interested in learning more about Canada.

“We don’t know anything in Japan about Canada,” the publisher told her. “We don’t know what Canadian culture is, we don’t know Canadian history and we ...

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Journey Sparked By A Photograph

TORONTO — Stéphane Hamade, a fifth generation Japanese Canadian, spent seven days in the village of Mio, Wakayama, Japan, learning about the small fishing village his family came from. His trip was documented by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies students and made into a three part documentary series that was shown at Momiji Health Care Society on Aug. 4, followed by a panel discussion.

Stéphane’s trip to Mio began with a photograph of his grandfather, Joseph “Joe” Isao Hamade on the Japanese Canadian National Museum website. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS) students were researching Japanese emigration to ...

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Runs In the Family: Alex Shimo and Leslie Shimotakahara, Authors and Cousins

Growing up, cousins Alexandra Shimo and Leslie Shimotakahara only saw each other once, at an aunt and uncle’s wedding when they were three and four-years-old.

The result is an adorable photo of the two girls sitting on the floor in velvet party dresses and Mary Jane shoes.

“I remember I was so delighted to discover there was another little girl in the family, because I am an only child, I didn’t have any cousins at the time,” says Leslie. “But then it turned out Alex didn’t live in Toronto, and so we didn’t see each other ...

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