A true story “Brides in America”

This series traces back the life stories of women in a wide range of generations from a Japanese woman who became a wife of an American officer after WWII to a Japanese lady who got together with a GI in the 1980s. They all married American soldiers and moved to the U.S.

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Moved to the U.S. in 1956 and currently resides in Ontario, California: Fumiko Lopez - Part 1

“He’s an honest person” was my first impression

Thirty years ago I read a book titled Brides in America. I was greatly inspired by the lives of Japanese women who married American officers after the war and went across the ocean. I wanted to hear their stories in their own voices. There wasn’t much time left. I sent emails to some people to see if they knew anyone, and soon one of them told me about a woman named Fumiko Lopez. When I talked to Fumiko for the first time, her upbeat way of talking gave me a ...

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