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Interview: Terry Janzen


Memories of Poston

Well, there were a lot of scorpions, which to this day I think they’re the worst. I can hold a snake, it doesn’t bother me as long as I know it’s a safe snake and I can hold spiders I take outside, but just thinking of scorpions, it always gave me the creeps. They had some terrible storms, so I remember how hot it was and also the fact that the roofs would, they had these whirlwinds and the roofs would fall, they would pull the roof off. Yeah, I went with a couple of boys to watch a couple of storms. Dumb, you going to watch the roof go off.

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Terry Janzen interview #4: Memories of Poston
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* Terry Janzen interviewed by Cindy Nakashima and Emily Anderson on August 27, 2012 for the exhibition, "Visible & Invisible: A Hapa Japanese American History," A Collaboration with ... More »

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