Catherine Zaw

Catherine Zaw is an undergraduate majoring in biology and linguistics at Stanford University. She currently works as a news editor for The Stanford Daily and as a research assistant at the Stanford School of Medicine while enjoying her other passions of creative writing, swimming, and eating broccoli. She plans to publish a novel, walk the entire Great Wall of China, own a food truck, and eventually become a doctor.

Updated March 2014

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Maya Erskine, of Amazon’s ‘Betas’ TV Show, Challenges Hollywood’s Status Quo

Among the many characters in the web-based shows that are beginning to sweep the internet, one star in particular is stealing our hearts.

Los Angeles native Maya Erskine loves getting out of character and playing someone she isn’t. This was true for the half-Japanese actress even when she was young. “I was always into make-believe and fantasy,” Erskine says. “I played really weird games with myself. I liked imagining myself as an older female. I would have a martini glass and put apple juice in it, find a fake cigarette, and talk to myself for hours in front of ...

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