Linda Toch

I am currently a senior at Temescal Canyon High School and will be attending Soka University of America this fall. While I hope to pursue a career in speech language pathology, I also want to continue writing in congruence to my studies. I am a very proud Cambodian American. My father arrived in California in the 1970s to escape the Khmer Rouge, and my mother in the 1990s. My parents came to America with nothing but a willingness to learn a language and culture they didn’t yet know, and seeing this dedication as a young child made me grow into loving reading and writing.

Updated September 2015

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest II

Kazuo Alone

Kazuo embraced Mondays like no other, and that was because of its silence. Mondays were sweet, a sweep of semi-peace in the streets of Los Angeles. The typical street-crawlers were in school and the typical tourists at their nine to five jobs, and so Kazuo chose Monday to roam, map, conquer his neighborhoods unperturbed. Mondays were a convenience only when eighty-five of your years had passed and your company along with it. It was nice timing for those who desired solace. The old man had fit this criteria to a tee.

People talked about him, of course; no one who ...

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