Masao Ito Taylor

Masao Ito Taylor is a junior at Albany High. He plays basketball on the East Bay Rising Suns and Berkeley Sangha. He played on the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California’s ShinzenBasketball Goodwill Team from 2003-2006. Like coach Kagawa he played baseball with the Berkeley Bears. He writes for the Albany High School Cougar, runs track and cross country, plays piano, and enjoys photography, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and playing video games.

Updated Winter 2006

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Doug Kagawa: Scoring Points for Character

Since 1977, Doug Kagawa has worked as head coach of varsity basketball at Albany High School in Albany, CA. In speaking with him, I learned a high school coach is motivated by the sport, the students, and the constant quest to create the chemistry that makes a winning team.

Kagawa began playing in the “C” level basketball league in sixth grade, although officially he wasn’t supposed to start until seventh grade. He played basketball all the way through school and played baseball with the [Japanese American] Berkeley Bears. As a kid, he also helped his father coach his younger ...

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