Kan Tagami

Kan Tagami is a Millitary Intergent Service Veteran who served as personal interpreter-aide to General Douglas MacArthur during the Occupation of Japan following World War II.

Updated 2005

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Recollections of the Japanese Occupation

For nearly five years, from late 1946 until his firing by President Truman in April 1951, I had the privilege of serving as personal interpreter-aide to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan, General Douglas MacArthur. It was an eventful time, a period that was crucial to the recovery of a nation devastated by war, economic hardship, and military tyranny. The work done by MacArthur, and by all who served in the Occupation, was critical in rebuilding Japan, instituting democracy, and planting the seeds for its resurgence as an economic power. Today, in large measure because of the ...

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