Chico Pascoal

Chico Pascoal is from the town of Cratéus, in the Northeastern state of Ceará. He was a finalist chronicler in the 1st Bunkyo Story Contest and in the 1st Script Road Literary Contest in Macau, China. In 2015, he was one of the qualified contestants in the SESC-DF Monteiro Lobato Story Contest. He also contributed to the short story collection Two Scenes, a Wall? and other stories.

Updated September 2017

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Nikkei Chronicles #6 — Itadakimasu 2!: Another Taste of Nikkei Culture

It happened at the Misuzu Restaurant. Honto Ni!*

[The city of São Paulo’s] Rua Américo de Campos is a short and narrow roadway that begins at Largo da Pólvora, crosses Rua Galvão Bueno, and, at the corner of Rua da Glória, comes to an end at Praça Almeida Júnior. I was able to follow its trajectory with my eyes closed. Well, at least back then I was. At number ... 1154? That’s where you could find Misuzu, a sui generis Japanese restaurant.

This restaurant differed from other restaurants in the Asian neighborhood [of Bairro da Liberdade] by the fact that ...

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