Gary Okura

Gary Okura is an admirer of the arts and crafts created in the Japanese style by relatively unknown Japanese American craftsmen and craftswomen and has an interest in documenting, preserving and sharing their creative work and their cultural contributions for future generations to see and appreciate.

Updated March 2018

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Little Tokyo Clayworks

“Fire” “Earth” “Spirit” ... basic elements of ceramics. Simple strong strokes combine fire and clay to create a spirit in art. This spirit has led to the formation of the California Japanese Ceramics Arts Guild and Little Tokyo Clayworks.


The creative efforts of the Japanese American Ceramics Guild, the Little Tokyo Clayworks, along with the many contributing ceramic artists including Joanne and Yukio Onaga has been published so anyone interested in Little Tokyo and it’s cultural impact can see and appreciate the artistry and contributions of those involved in this art form.

The Guild’s history began with a ...

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