Art Nomura

Art Nomura is a media maker and Professor Emeritus in TV/Film Production at Loyola Marymount University. He is the Producer/Director of over thirty media productions including Finding Home, a documentary on six Japanese Americans who have chosen to live in Japan for the long term. Interview excerpts from Finding Home can be viewed on the Discover Nikkei site.

Updated August 2015

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Excerpt from Standing Tall: The Extra/Ordinary Life of Mizuko Takahashi Nomura - Chapter 8

On July 27, 1911,1 after twenty days at sea, Mizuko took her first step onto American soil.

Because their landing party of Japanese alien passengers numbered only nine, Mizuko’s stay in the dockside Immigration Detention Center was relatively short. There were brief physical exams, including an examination of their stool for intestinal worms.2

Everyone’s luggage was fumigated to kill lice and other vermin, and then the passengers from Japan were released into the bright light of a clear summer day in Tacoma, Washington. Long-awaited meetings between picture brides and their husbands took place. The group members ...

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