Nancy Kaffer

Nancy Kaffer is an award-winning columnist and member of the editorial board at the Detroit Free Press. Kaffer has been with the Free Press since 2012. She writes about politics, policy, and the complicated relationship between the two, and has contributed work to Politico Magazine and The Daily Beast, writing about state and national politics, policy, and culture.

Updated April 2017

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Her Grandfather Was Sent to an Internment Camp—And Never Returned

This is what Regina Boone knows about her grandfather: His name was Tsujiro Miyazaki. He came to this country, family legend has it, as a stowaway on a ship from Europe. By 1941, an ocean and more away from his native Japan, it seemed like Miyazaki had found a home. In Suffolk, VA, of all the unlikely places, in the heart of a black community in a rural town in the segregated South. Miyazaki owned a restaurant, the Horseshoe Café, and he’d built a family with Leathia Boone and their two sons. A prosperous businessman, he donated to local ...

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