Asuka Anne Nagase

Asuka Anne Nagase is a second-generation Japanese American from San Francisco, California, with experience living and working abroad in Osaka, Japan. She is bilingual in English and Japanese, and has also studied Spanish and Korean. At University of California, Davis, she majored in International Relations and Japanese, and minored in Asian American Studies. She enjoys volunteering at various Japanese American events, as well as international travel and exchange.

Updated December 2017

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Personal reflection on my first COPANI experience, at COPANI Lima 2017

Held every two years since 1981, COPANI (Convención Panamericana Nikkei, or Pan-American Nikkei Convention) is a conference where North, Central, and South American Nikkei (people of Japanese descent) gather. The 19th COPANI took place in Lima, Peru, November 2–5, 2017. Delegates from 14 countries including Japan—each represented by their own APN (Asociación Panamericana Nikkei) or PANA (Pan-American Nikkei Association)—participated.

My friend Lesli, with whom I traveled to attend this conference, had told me about it months earlier, after she heard about it from an active participant. It sounded interesting, but we didn’t decide to ...

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