Jenni “Emiko” Kuida

Jenni “Emiko” Kuida co-authored the original “101 Ways to Tell if You Are Japanese American” with Tony Osumi. She is currently Grants Manager at Koreatown Youth and Community Center and board member of Japanese American Community Services and Venice Youth Council. Her hobbies include gardening, going to obons, and playing Pokemon Go.

Updated August 2017

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My Surreal Life Experience: Stand Up for Justice

Despite how annoying it is, reality TV is here to stay. I admit that I’ve been watching episodes of “The Surreal Life.” It’s the show that joins 6 semi-celebrities in a mansion with lots of alcohol, innuendo and modern furniture.

In November 2002, I joined 100 others as extras in the film project “Stand Up for Justice” in our own kind of surreal life experience, Japanese American style.

Produced and presented by Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR) and Visual Communications, the movie is a 30-minute docudrama telling the true story of Ralph Lazo, a 16 year ...

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Mitsugi's Christmas

This story is dedicated to my Japanese grandfathers. Keiichi Kuida and Yoshio Osumi who I never met, and Masashi Bancho Okazaki, who I wish I could remember.

Mitsugi Yamamoto stared out the window on Christmas Day and wished that his daughter Lorraine would come to visit him at the Keiro Retirement Home. It had been years since her last visit. Mitsugi could still remember how excited he and his wife Sumiko were when Lorraine, their only child was born almost fifty years ago. And he could see so clearly the smile on her face, when she skipped off to her ...

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