Jessica Kawamura

Jessica Kawamura is a student at Brown University in Rhode Island. She is studying conversational Japanese, African American history and the Southeast Asian American experience. In her spare time, she is an organizer in the Asian American community. She was an intern at National Japanese American Histiorical Society in 2004.

Updated February 23, 2006

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Nikkei Heritage

Brandon Quan: A Modern MISer

When we think of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS), it is almost always in the context of the Nisei who served during World War II (NJAHS was founded by MIS veterans). Brandon Quan, however, represents a younger generation of Nikkei MIS language interpreters. By the time he turned 32, he’d already served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He now understands a little more about the experiences of his forbears and much more about the world. But mostly, he’s learned about himself.

Quan grew up in the Richmond District of San Francisco. He and his younger brother participated in ...

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