Noriko Huntsinger

Noriko Huntsinger is a freelance editor/writer/translator with over 18 years experience. She writes regularly for Japanese magazines and online media as well as SoySource/The North American Post. Before becoming a freelancer, she worked at Youmaga as an editor in chief—a Seattle/Portland-based Japanese community magazine.

Updated August 2017

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Interview with Hiroshi Onaka, Design Executive Officer of EnLinx Partners

On July 30, Japanese martial art Shorinji Kempo will hold its world championships in the U.S. for the first time. We talked with Hiroshi Onaka, the first secretary-general of the US Shorinji Kempo Federation (USSKF) and now the master of the Seattle branch, about business, martial arts, and community.

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I had interest in foreign countries since I was in elementary school. For a kid growing up in the countryside, the wide world fascinated me. I think it all began when I joined my dad on a work-related trip to the US when I was a 17-year-old high school student ...

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