Arnold T. Hiura

Arnold Hiura is the executive director of the Hawaii Japanese Center in Hilo and a former Hawai‘i Herald editor. Arnold and his wife Eloise also own and operate the editorial and communications company, MBFT Media.

Updated April 2016

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Four Generations of Dodo Mortuary

What residents of Hawai‘i Island take for granted is often a rarity when viewed on a broader scale. At least such is the case when it comes to funeral services, notes Mitchell Dodo, vice president and operations manager of Dodo Mortuary, Inc., in Hilo. Although local residents—regardless of their ethnic background or religious affiliation—have long been accustomed to attending funerals at Dodo Mortuary, Mitchell reports that the number of independently owned and operated mortuaries in the United States has declined dramatically—including those owned by Japanese American families.

“We are one of maybe four in the nation ...

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