Kelvin Higo

Kelvin Higo was born in 1949 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His Nisei parents met while their families were in Alberta, after being forced out of British Columbia during the war. He retired as the Chief Public Health Officer for the Vancouver Coast Health Region in the City of Richmond in 2006.

Since retirement he has become more involved with the Nikkei community through the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Center. He was involved with the construction of the building as the chairman of the Building Committee. He is also involved with the local Steveston Kendo Club as its president and am also the chair of the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Center Advisory Committee.

Updated January 2018

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Steveston Community Society and the Nikkei Community

Steveston, at the southern end of the city of Richmond, had long been home to a large and active Japanese community—until 1942, when all Japanese Canadians were removed from the west coast of Canada.

The Steveston Community Society (SCS) was incorporated on September 17, 1946, with the objective to promote the establishment of a community centre in Steveston.

Japanese Canadians were allowed to return to the B.C. coast beginning in 1949, and, upon their return to Steveston, they immediately re-engaged with the local community. In 1952, at the first meeting of the Japanese Canadian Citizens League (JCCL), the ...

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