Muslima Gulyamova

Muslima Gulyamova is a screenwriter and director with an affinity for telling heart-warming, empathetic, and nostalgic stories that speak to both adults and children. Born and raised in Uzbekistan and educated in the United Kingdom in Media Arts, Muslima moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking dreams. From studying Japanese language to cooking traditional washoku food, Muslima has great passion for Japanese culture. One of her biggest dreams is to set foot on Japan’s soil one day and witness the blooming of sakura trees.

Updated August 2020

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VII

Half an Anman

Akemashite omedetou!

Hideki elbowed his way through a tight crowd of people relentlessly moving up and down First Street. At 8 years old he was still a head shorter than most of them, and as far as he could see, there was no end to the stream of people.

“Happy New Year!” he heard at every corner.

It was the first day of New Year, and Little Tokyo was swarming with people, both Japanese drawn in by nostalgia and folks of all kind of nationalities, all eager to take a glimpse of the exotic Japanese culture on this very special ...

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