Tetsuo Furokawa

Tets Furukawa was the starting pitcher for the champion Gila River Eagles. A retired strawberry farmer, writer and historian, Tets was one of the honorees who attended the “Hall of Fame” Night in August 2006. He resides in Santa Maria.

Updated Winter 2006

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When Gila Fought Heart Mountain

More than 62 years ago, in September 1944, a baseball series pitted Gila River and Heart Mountain internment camps. It now seems like ancient history, but it’s amazing how such an obscure sports event can be so indelibly etched in one’s memory. I turned 17 years old just a month prior to the series. The passage of time has surely blurred out many details. However, I will endeavor to do my utmost to shed some light on those games as I remember them.

With the war still raging, I considered the fact that these games even occurred a ...

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