Kip Fulbeck

Kip Fulbeck is an award-winning artist, slam poet and filmmaker. He is the author of Permanence: Tattoo Portraits; Part Asian, 100% Hapa; and Paper Bullets: A Fictional Autobiography, as well as the director of a dozen short films including Banana Split and Lilo & Me.
He speaks nationwide on identity, multiraciality and pop culture — mixing together spoken word, stand-up comedy, political activism and personal stories to standing ovations.
Kip is a professor of Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he has been named an Outstanding Faculty Member four times. A complete overachiever despite being only half Chinese, Kip is also a world-ranked Masters swimmer.

Updated March 2008

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kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa – an artist’s thoughts - part 2

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What has the feedback been like?

Tremendously positive. I’ve gotten so many touching letters and emails, people telling me the book brought them to tears ... It’s really wonderful to know something I created has touched so many people. At the same time, it’s also been a bit humbling. Here I am working as an artist and filmmaker for twenty years doing autobiographical work, and within three weeks of launching, it was getting ten times the traffic of my original artist site. I tapped into something much, much larger than my own work.

Have ...

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kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa – an artist’s thoughts

kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa is an exhibition of portraits by artist and filmmaker Kip Fulbeck. The exhibition is showing at the 7th Floor Gallery at A/P/A Institute in New York City through May 30, 2008. For more information visit the exhibition Web site.

Discover Nikkei asked Kip to share his views on the exhibition and its impact, and he responded with a list of frequently asked questions along with his answers. -.ed

How did you come up with the idea for The Hapa Project?

The idea actually came to me as a kid, sometime in elementary ...

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