Don Fenton

Don Fenton received a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso and a MA in Humanities with an emphasis in Aesthetics from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently working on a collection of short stories that reflect multicultural influences and their intersection within American culture, which mirrors his own global upbringing as Japanese-Mexican American. Don currently teaches English as a Second Language in
Dallas, Texas. When he is not teaching, he is writing.

Updated August 2014

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest II

All Along This Road

Kenji saw her, or at least, he thought he saw her shoes cross East Second Street. They were silver Oxfords that looked like they had been spray-painted metallic silver. It wasn’t the oddest article of clothing he saw around the Japanese Village Plaza though, which was packed with tourists and women dressed in out-of-season kimonos, twirling neon pink paper parasols, and wearing rainbow shades of eye shadow. It was also full of Cosplay people that looked like androgynous anime characters and video game protagonists—pink hair, hand sewn outfits, and plenty of spandex—posing for pictures. To top it ...

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