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Christine Wei is a writer and editor from Taipei, Taiwan by way of St. Louis, MO. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, FATHOM, Elite Traveler, Disney's, and more. She's now based in NYC, where she pines after trips filled with charming cafes, dinners you wake up dreaming about, and moments that capture the joie de vivre. Follow her on Twitter at @xtinew or learn more about her writing at

Updated December 2014

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Litchfield Lessons: OITNB’s Kimiko Glenn On What She’s Learned From Brook Soso

When it comes to performing, Kimiko Glenn has never known moderation. “I was always running around with my dad’s camcorder and making commercials for furniture and random things,” she says of her childhood days. “I would sing Celine Dion really loudly and do all her accents.” At her first audition, the ten-year-old Glenn all but belted her rendition of “With One Look” from Sunset Boulevard. The director’s response? “Wow, you have such a loud voice!”

The half-Japanese, half-Caucasian actress thinks back on this first audition with happy nostalgia. Her parents had encouraged her to try out for the ...

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