Joe Brower

Joe Brower is 48 years old and has lived in the Hana area in Maui, Hawaii since 2000. He works as a Little Fire Ant Specialist for the conservation group Maui Invasive Species Committee. Joe has worked in the local school system as a teacher, athletics coach, and currently officiates and coaches high school sports and is the announcer for Hana High football team. He is the Vice President of the Hana Buddhist Temple Preservation Association and along with his wife and president, Miho Brower, helped to start the Association in 2015. 

Updated December 2018

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A Grass Roots Effort: Saving a Cultural Icon in Rural Maui

The Hana Hongwanji Gakuen Temple (know as Hana Buddhist Temple) located on Maui in Hawai‘i is a culturally significant building nominated to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Replacing the original and more austere temple erected in 1926, this temple was an extravagant new upgraded temple meant to be more ornate and befitting to the Buddha. It is the crown jewel that stands today as a symbol of achievement for the Japanese immigrants who began arriving in Hana by the late 1800s.

They came to the isolated fishing village of Hana to work predominantly in the ...

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