My Name is Neal

Journal Entry #I've Got 10, Maybe: "DNFTT!!!..."

By Neal Yamamoto
3 Sep 2011

A weekly visual journal/cartoon about an easily-annoyed fourth generation American of Japanese descent. This week, "General Compostion of Online Comments*"

Check back every weekend for subsequent entries...

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© 2011 Neal Yamamoto


Neal Yamamoto

Neal Yamamoto is a curmudgeonly freelance artist of indeterminate age whose vaguely disturbing scribblin’s and scrivenin’s have been published in a variety of books, magazines and papers. His latest drawing book (“Superhero Explosion: 60 Easy Lessons For Drawing Comics”) can be found at your big-chain-monolithic-mega-bookstore and his upcoming visual journal/cartoon “My Name Is Neal” can be found...well, duh, here. Post comments about the 'toon here or email Neal at

Updated July 2012


3 comments on this post

anonymous at 8:58 a.m. on Sun 4 Sep 2011

Hmm. It looks like you've got the ratios about right. Are you suggesting that we do something about it? Anonymous speech no doubt creates hassles for web site moderators, but I for one think it is pretty important to be able to be anonymous, both online and in real life.

nealtoon at 9:41 p.m. on Sun 4 Sep 2011

@ anonymous: ...just making an observation, although i do think anonymity where free speech is concerned is a double-edged sword; while it tends to make people feel more comfortable in expressing an honest view, it also gives evil a place to hide (not to be too melodramatic about it, but i think that much of life tends to boil down to doing a positive thing or a negative thing)...however, insofar as online commenting, i think it should stay anonymous; there are some things i think a society must learn to mature into while doing it (as opposed to legislating against it)...

vkm at 10:35 a.m. on Mon 5 Sep 2011

actually, you forgot one more type of comment...the spam ones where they either just post some random link, or else they try to add in some type of somewhat related comment, but sneak in a random link. =(

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